Payments Processing world over has seen a lot of changes necessitated by technological advancement and the increase in Volumes of transactions. This, coupled with increased customer requirements in terms of customer satisfaction and experience makes it a competitive advantage for proactive and innovative financial institutions.

Salo Chap Chap is an efficient, transparent, and seamless Payments processing solution that aims at improving the Payments processing experience for Paymasters and in the process ensure members are delighted in time and empowered for life. This is achieved with high level visibility of transactions to both the Paymaster and Stima Sacco. This solution is used for processing Salaries, Allowances and Pension Payments.

Benefits of Salo Chap Chap

To Members
To Paymasters
Receive Payments in a Timely and efficient manner.
Visibility of transactions
Quick resolution of Complaints hence improved Customer experience
Savings in transaction costs since a single payment is made
Increased Non funded income which will translate to dividends and interest rebates at the end of the year
Easy tracking of transactions
Quick resolution of staff complaints when they arise.
Have Control over the payments processing

Difference between Salo Chap Chap and Other Processing Methods

Increased Visibility of transactions Both to Paymasters and Stima Sacco
Lack of visibility
Increased Visibility of transactions Both to Paymasters and Stima Sacco
Shorter Complaint resolution cycle
Gives the Paymaster Control of the process without delegating the responsibility of the Sacco in Payment processing
Gives control to third Parties and the Sacco
More Secure
Less secure