MURABAHA: It is a sale contract in which an individual/ entity sells an asset at cost plus an agreed profit. The sale price could be paid on spot or deferred basis.
TAWARRUQ: A mode of financing, similar to Murabaha transaction, where the commodity sold is not required by the client but is bought on a deferred payment basis and sold to a third party for a lesser price, thereby becoming a means of liquidity generation.
MUDHARABA: is a form of partnership where one party provides the funds while the other provides management services against a pre-agreed share in the profit of the investment. However, if there is any loss, it is borne solely by the capital provider.
MUSHARAKA: A partnership with all the parties contributing to the capital of the Musharaka on the basis of profit and loss sharing. The profit shall be shared as per the agreement but the loss will be borne pro rata.
SALAM: It is a forward sale in which payment is made on spot while the delivery of the Salam asset is deferred.