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Normal loan 2

  • Max Loan Amount: 2X members Alpha deposits.
  • Repayment Up to: 60 months

Mwangaza loans 2

  • Max Loan Amount: 3 Million
  • Repayment: 60 months
  • Minimum deposit contribution:10000 pm

Flex loan 2

  • Max Loan Amount: Ksh 1M
  • Repayment: 36 months

Sosa loan

  • Max Loan Amount: 4X members Alpha deposits
  • Repayment Up to 15mths

Flex loan 1

  • Max Loan Amount: Ksh 1M
  • Repayment: 24 months

Vuka loan

  • Max Loan Amount: Kshs 5M
  • Repayment: Up to 72mths
  • Minimum deposit contribution:Kshs.7500

Stima DT Sacco

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